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Knight Locksmiths is the automotive locksmith you can trust in Adelaide. With years of experience behind us, we pride ourselves on the supply and programing of Transpnder Keys swiftly and efficiently in our centrally based Adelaide workshop. Our skilled locksmiths work with most makes and models of cars, as well as four wheel drives, trucks, motorcycles and vans.

Transponder keys

If you own a car that was built after 1995, it will most likely contain transponder chip technology. For those unsure, a transponder key differs from a regular car key in size and functionality. It is a thicker key that has a chip inside which can disarm the vehicle’s immobiliser. When you insert the key into the ignition and turn it, the key and the engine control unit communicate with each other. The engine control unit transmits an electronic message to the key to check whether it is the right key. If the key sends the right message back, the engine will stat.

When you have a problem with your transponder key, call our professional car locksmiths in Adelaide. We have advanced knowledge in transponder key technology and have the ability to supply and program transponder keys. With high tech equipment, we can re-program your keys in not time. In the instance where your key is lost or stolen, our locksmiths can simply disable the lost key and reprogram a new transponder key for you.

Our automotive locksmith services in Adelaide include:

  • Replace and repair car door locks
  • Car ignitions
  • Removal of broken keys
  • Boot locks
  • Glove box locks
  • Transponder keys
  • Valet keys
  • Duplicate keys
  • Worn keys cut back to their original form

If you would like to hire an automotive locksmith in Adelaide, call Knight Locksmiths on (08) 8231 5534.