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When you run a large building or institution that controls many doors, you need an access control partner you can rely on. Salto provides a quality service to a range of different institutions including hotels, universities, airports, hospitals, corporate buildings and government institutions. From 6 to 60,000 doors, they can take care of all types of demands.

For this reason, more than four thousand clients have given preference to Salto over other companies when it comes to the selection of access control requirements. These clients include world-renowned universities like Cambridge and Oxford in the United Kingdom, star hotels, healthcare industry and corporate houses. Some other prestigious clients include corporate buildings like, the Dutch company RTL Television and Corporate building of T-mobile in Austria and the French Parliament.

Salto Clay
salto-clay-access-control-systemclaysalto clay

The Salto Clay system puts security at your fingertips. If you are a security professional looking for an easy to use, wireless door locking product for your home and business the Salto Clay is for your. The revolutionary security system is packed with a range of impressive features including the ability to manage everything from your mobile phone. Whether you have an Android, Apple or Windows phone, you can download the app, which allows you to monitor your security while you are on the go.

The online access control system features cloud based access control. The two main components of the system are the clay IQ communication hub and the wirless clay lock cylinder on the door. The cloud handles everything securely and offers remote opening and locking of doors with secure, one-time password technology.

The experts in CCTV System in Adelaide


At Knight Locksmiths, we specialise in CCTV System Adelaide and around. The product range we offer includes a variety of surveillance cameras and recording devices for all premises, whether it is for a personal property or a commercial establishment. Our vast product portfolio includes a unique and extensive range, which includes IP-based video surveillance, analogue video technology (CCTV), alongside Innovative hybrid solutions.

We have anything and everything that you require for a high-performance video surveillance solution. We are renowned for steady and continuous development, high quality workmanship and most importantly the synchronized interplay of the video surveillance components that will keep you secure. We have a large range of products like the CCTV cameras Adelaide, which satisfy every budget and area of usage.


Access Control

If you own a large business, an access control system is the perfect addition to enhance security. Our locksmiths are specially trained to install these high-tech systems, which provide optimum security. Access control systems provide your business with unprecedented control over your premises. With ease you can determine exactly who goes where. The benefits provided by an access control system, make it a wise investment for growing business and established corporations alike.

Knight Locksmiths offer electronic security to suit all needs. Whether you are looking for a CCTV camera to protect your Adelaide home, or an access control system for your business, we can tailor a package to suit you.